Episode 0923

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Episode 923 - LatiNation

This week, we learn the deadly but fun fighting system that is Krav Maga! Then watch Esai Morales take us back to the underground world of 1960’s Miami with the hit Starz show “Magic City”. Tapping into his Mexican heritage whenever he goes into the ring, former USC and NFL football player, Gerald Washington, is an undefeated fighter who one day soon might become the first Mexican-American heavy weight champion of the world. And lastly, who says Mexican regional and indie rock don’t mix? Not these guys, we meet San Antonio norteño/rock band Piñata Protest.

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Krav Maga Esai Morales Gerald Washington Piñata Protest


Episode 0921


Episode 921 - LatiNation

This week Edward James Olmos stops by to talk Filly Brown and the rising role of latino actors in film; then, we hit the studio with the photographer that managed to turn street into chic, Estevan Oriol. Hold on tight as things get a little bumpy with off road racer, Rodrigo Ampudia. Its time to get “Gangsta” with a singer-songwriter skilled in using her words as weapons, Kat Dahlia.

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Kat DahliaRodrigo AmpudiaEstevan OriolEdward James Olmos

Episode 0919


Episode 919 - LatiNation

This week host Humberto Guida hits it out of the field as we take you on an exclusive behind the scenes look at the Los Angeles Dodgers.  LA’s biggest Dodger fan comes to the rescue of the city’s most iconic sports team. Then, we rock out with the Grammy nominated Venezuelan rock band Los Mesoneros. And later, things get out of control with the surreal musical taste of over-the-top MC, Otto Von Schirach. Only on Latination.
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Los MesonerosDodger PulseLuis CruzFernando ValenzuelaOtto Von Sherich


Episode 0918


Episode 918 - LatiNation

This week, the new face of Law & Order: SVU , Danny Pino, cracks the case of his show 14 season success story. Indie film sensation “Gun Hill Road” puts a spotlight on a controversial issue. Then, US Army Captain Richard Gomez shows us how to be all we can be. Plus, experimental electronic music takes center stage with Miami’s very own “Phoenecia”.And Chile’s synthpop sensation “Astro” rocks the stage, only on Latination.
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PhoeneciaAstroDanny PinoCaptain Richard Gomez

Episode 0917


Episode 917 - LatiNation

On today’s show, we meet the master of ink: Mister Cartoon. Then Edward James Olmos, Lou Diamond Philips and Gina Rodriguez give us the scoop on their new movie: Filly Brown. Plus, Gabriel Iglesias tickles our funny bone. And we party with DJ and producer Roger Sanchez. Only on Latination.
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Mister Cartoon Filly Brown Gabriel Iglesias Roger Sánchez 

Episode 0916-Revision


Episode 918 - LatiNation

This week host Humberto Guida takes stunt lessons from Collin Ferrell's body double Gabriel Nuñez. We switch lanes with NASCAR driverRuben Pardo. Then we catch up with a legendary hip-hop group, as we take a trip to not just any realm, but to the one and only The Psycho RealmAnd Later, an all access look into the interesting manufacturing process of the Latino family owned coffee brewery, Gaviña coffee.

Episode 0916


Episode 916 - LatiNation

This week hosts Humberto Guida and Gabriela Fresquez  take you behind the scenes of the largest gathering of dance music artists in the word, Winter Music Conference. Plus, it’s the Latination Crew Vs a World Of Dance seasoned dancing crew. Then, actor Maximiliano Hernández takes us behind the iron curtain of Fx’ new spy thriller “The Americans”. Plus, we sit down with General Hospital’s very own, Lindsey Morgan.
Watch Videos:
Winter Music Conference World of Dance Maximiliano Hernández Lindsey Morgan
Maximiliano Hernández
Lindsey Morgan

Episode 0915


Episode 915 - LatiNation

This week host Humberto Guida tests his skills behind the wheels against a professional NASCAR driver.Then, we sit down with up and coming actor, Phillip Martin who is co-starring with Al Pacino in a new HBO film. Plus, we catch up with reality star of Hollywood ExesMayte Garcia. We hit the dance floor with EDM young gun,Danny Avila.
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Ruben Pardo Philip MartinMayte Danny Avila
Philip Martin

Episode 0914


Episode 914 - LatiNation

On today’s show, Team Tempest schools our host on the ways of parkour and freerunning! Dreamworks animators teach us a thing or two about bringing The Croods to life. Plus we welcome jujitsu master and alternative musician Eddie Bravo.
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Eddie Bravo 1 Eddie Bravo 2 Eddie Bravo 3 Gabriel Nuñez William Arias

Episode 0913

LatinNation S9

Episode 913 - LatiNation:

Ronda Rousey shows Humberto Guida what it takes to make a UFC champion brawler;  Dexter’s Aimee Garcia and former miss universe Denise Quiñones hang out with our hosts, and we take a sneak peek at the indie movie based on the controversial book “Bless Me Ultima”, only on this week’s “Latination”.
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Aimee Garcia
Aimee Garcia and Denise Quiñones (1)
Aimee Garcia and Denise Quiñones (2)

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