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Latination 1112

This week host Humberto Guida sets out to prove that Ping Pong deserves more respect. The EDM future looks bright with Nortec Collective’s new incarnation, Bostich Y Fussible, Plus, there’s no stopping America’s Got Talent comedian Melissa Villaseñor from rising through the comic ranks. Then, L.A. muralist Robert Vargas takes street art to new heights.

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Mexican Millennials React to Ayotzinapa Student Massacre

Mexican Millennials React to the Ayotzinapa Student Massacre

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Ricardo Lamas - Ready for a Championship Bout

Latest Episode 1111

This week host Humberto Guida features electronic bicultural mastermind Helado Negro and his fourth LP, Double Youth. The young artist and activist behind the San Fernando Valley’s most iconic street art, Kristy Sandoval, Then, Latin Grammy winner, Mariana Vega takes her music to new frontiers. Plus, Latino comedians that are on the rise and killing it.





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