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Latination 1023

This week host Humberto Guida, catches up with the cast of Matador. Surf’s up, as we hit the waves for International Surfing Day. Then, the blues re-invented with a Latino twist, Johnny Swim. Plus, we keep the music flowing with Mariachi Bronx.

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Actress – Paula Garcés

Shakey Graves

Musical Artists – Shakey Graves

Latest Episode 1022

This week host Humberto Guida, gets the inside scoop with the cast of East Los High. Open your minds as we tap into our imagination with Las Fotos Project. Then, a documentary on alternative plant medicine, Little Saints. Plus, music by Subsuelo.

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 1022-LN EastLosHigh

 1022-LN LasFotosProject 

 1022-LN LittleSaints

 1022-LN Subsuelo

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