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Latination 1110

This week host Humberto Guida takes LatiNation to Mexico, where a free press has emerged online, as Millennials React to the Ayotzinapa Student Massacre. Make way for Mexican rapper, Niña Dioz, as she takes Hip-Hop by the horns. Then, the hottest Hip-Hop personalities on the radio, The Baka Boyz Master the Mix. Plus an honest chat with featherweight contender, Ricardo Lamas and his return to a championship bout.

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Latest Episode 1109

This week host Humberto Guida, gears up to lock and load with the most skilled players of Competitive Paintball. The legacy continues with Arturo O’Farrill and the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra. Then, graffiti artist, Sand One, proves why her art has captured cultural hubs from East LA to Mexico City. Plus, a glimpse at how multiculturalism will reach new heights in the Tipping Point.





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