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Future Fighters

Madi Diaz


Latination 1115

This week on LatiNation, our host Humberto Guida meets up with indie artist Madi Diaz. Then, we jam with Stefano. Then, we stop by Golden Boy Promotions and check out their Future Fighters. Plus, we go inside the head of El Piolin.

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Ricardo Lamas - Ready for a Championship Bout

Latest Episode 1106

This week host Humberto Guida, gets the rundown on rapper-turned DMC comic creator, Darryl McDaniels. We find out what's behind the haunting songs of the multi-talented, Mia Maestro. Then, a closer look at the martial art that often gets overlooked, Sumo Masters. Plus, the next wave of modern art is here via Date Farmers.





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